What is ElixirCamp?

ElixirCamp is a place for people interested in Elixir, Erlang and related technologies to gather, network, share ideas and generally have a great time.

While there's a general focus on Elixir developers, techy people of any background are encouraged to attend.

You should come to ElixirCamp if:

  • You like Elixir / Erlang
  • You have limited knowledge of Elixir, but you want to change that
  • You're into building high speed, fault tolerant, distributed applications
  • You've got specialist knowledge you'd like to share with other enthusiasts
  • You're interested in web technologies
  • You've got a weekend project you really want to work on
  • You'll abide by our code of conduct


Lord Somers Camp is located approximately a one hour drive from Melbourne, on the southern side of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

The local area hosts fantastic wildlife parks, natural and indigenous vegetation, hot springs, local wineries, and heaps more.

Diversity Tickets

Elixir Camp is excited to announce a limited number of diversity tickets, at a discounted price of $100. Available for people from under represented groups including women, people of colour, LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people, and people facing economic or social hardships.

Mail [email protected] to discuss availability.

Talks and Education

No Elixir Camp would be complete without a great range of learning options. This year is no exception.

Specially for our new learners, we'll be running an exercism.io group during the weekend where you can work through coding challenges and receive feedback from folks at the camp. This will really help you understand some of the common patterns we lean in in Elixir.

We'll be adding to the list as we confirm sessions, but here's some current highlights.

  • Why Elixir? - Josh Price
  • Build you own GenServer from scratch - Martin Feckie
  • Metaprogramming Elixir - David Carlin
  • Randori Pairing Workshop - Julian Doherty
  • An Introduction to Interoperability - Stuart Coyle
  • Elixir Streams by Example - Qing Wu
  • Property Testing with stream_data - Rob Howard
  • Making Art with Genetic Algorithms - James Sadler
  • UTECOM : a First Generation Machine - Robert Reid will share his experiences working on one of the first three computers in Australia in the 1950s
  • Want to give a talk? Mail [email protected] to discuss.
  • Lightning Talks - We'll schedule a spot on Sunday afteroon for lightning talks - a great way to share your hard-won knowledge!

Food and Beverages

ElixirCamp will supply meals and snacks during the weekend, as well as tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Alcoholic beverages are not included in the ticket price, please purchase any beverages you'd like to bring prior to boarding the bus.

Please bring along any extra snacks you would like.

Essentials to pack

  • a sleeping bag or the like.
  • a pillow case.
  • a towel (or two).
  • clothes for mild to cool weather.
  • computer gear and chargers.
  • toiletries for the weekend.
  • download any packages, libraries and software you might want to use on a camp project. It's best to be prepared.

Optional extras

  • any snacks you might like to bring along.
  • games to play with others. Werewolf, Avalon, Cards against Humanity, Flux, and Poker have all featured at previous camps.


Bus Times:

  • Departure on Friday will be at 3:45pm from Federation Square, Melbounre, and arriving at camp at 5:00pm.
  • Return on Monday will from 8:30am from Lord Somers Camp and dropping off at Federation Square around 9:45am.

If you are arriving after the bus departs please let us know in advance and we will try to arrange a pickup.

If you are driving and are available to pickup people, please let us know too!


If you're late, delayed or otherwise miss the bus, don't worry we'll make sure you can get to camp. But please do try not to be late! If you have concerns please respond to this email directly. If you have issues earlier on Friday feel free to tweet @elixircamp_au or text/call Martin on 0416 156 356.

You can contact the camp on 0248696700 in case of an emergency or simply to contact me if my phone isn't responding.


Code of Conduct

ElixirCamp aims to be a welcoming and inclusive event.

You can view our code of conduct. These rules must be followed by all attendees.


ElixirCamp3 is be brought to you by these folks:

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